Thursday, October 04, 2007

Asteley vs. Boyle, January 30, 1442

And that yere, the last day of…………… save on, there was a batayle in Smythfeld, withinne lystes, aforn the kyng, between the lord Beaufe a Arragonere and John Ashele squyer of the kynges house, a chalange for spere to cast pollex and dagger at the lord aforeseyd in brekynge of his gauntelette and reysyng of his umbrary*, and hadde hym at mischief redy to a popped hym in the face with his dagger, tyl the kyng cried hoo: and there the seid Asshle was mad knight in the feld.


A Chronicle of London, from 1089 to 1483, London 1827

The challenge leading to the deed of arms is recorded here.

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