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Deeds at the Barriers at the Field of the Cloth of Gold, Guisnes, 1520

Friday the 22nd day of June in the camp was set a barrier for to fight on foot, also an hale of the kings of England was set in the same place, embroidered with clouds of blue, and out of the clouds the sun rising, the valence of the same was written in letters of blue embroidered, dieu et mon droit, in which hale the lords and other of the entertain of the challenge armed their selves.

Now was the noble kings ready to do battle on foot at the barriers, the queens on their stages: then entered band after band on foot and pressed to the barriers, every one in his hand a punchion spear, wherewith without any abode foined and lashed always one at another, two for two as the lot fell. When the spears were spent, then swords to them were given. Then pressed to the barriers the two valiant kings, and other, then was no tarrying but fought with such force that the fire sprang out of their armor. Thus band after band they were all delivered by the two noble kings and their aids of retain.

Then in came a band with two hand swords and casting darts to answer to that challenge, twelve men well armed which pressed to the barriers and mightely threw their spears the one to the other, ready or not ready, none favored other more than two enemies or at utterance, and ever still two for two, till all were delivered concerning the challenge, so this same two kings safe in body and limbs ended the battle for that day at the barriers with great honor.

June 23

The two noble kings put themselves in arms with their band and entered the field on foot, before the barriers, then entered the bands of men of arms in armor right richly, then all was ready and the two kings at the barriers ready to fight right nobly. This day was delivered at barriers by battle 106 persons, the two last battles did the kings. The king of England with few strokes disarmed his counter party, the French king likewise bare himself right valiantly. Thus the said Saturday was fully ended, and all men delivered of articles of jousts and all tourneys and battles on foot by the said two noble kings.

Hale: a long tent
Punchion spear: spear with a sharp, bodkin shaped point

Hall, Edward. The union of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre & Yorke, beyng long in continuall discension for the croune of this noble realme : with al the actes done in both the tymes of the princes, both of the one linage & of the other....(Hall’s Chronicle) London 1550


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