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Aime for the Archers of St. George's Fields

Hannis, Richard Aime for the Archers of St. George's Fields, London 1664. Excerpted in Urban, Sylvanus, The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historical Chronicle, London 1832

Rules to be observed and practiced by all those that exercise shooting in the Long Bow
1. For finding your mark it must be within every man's reach.
2. For whites or blacks you must have but one in a game, unless they be all content; and if you shoot at any loose white, and it be stricken out of sight, it is no mark.
3. For the height of stakes, although the wood be above the pin, yet you are to measure at the pin, if there be any, because it is put in for that purpose.
4. Shooting at a bush or black, whatever you find highest in it (being within the compass of the mark) you are to take that for the height.
5. If in measuring a shoot the difference be too small it cannot be described, then that competitor shall win the shoot that is best at the next mark.
6. If in measuring a shoot the mark be stirred out of its place, he loseth the shoot that removed it.
7. If at coming to your mark you claim two or more, and the opposite side draw their arrows, you can have no more then you first claimed, although your partner when he comes challengeth more.
8. If you name one mark and shoot at another, you are to lose your shoot, and the others are to follow at the mark named.
9. If your arrow break, you may measure at the nearest piece that hath wood and head, or wood and feather.
10. If you have any mishap, as nocking amiss, if you can reach your arrow with your bow you may shoot again; if it flee further, it is a shoot.
11. In shooting at rovers you must stand no further from your mark than you can reach with half your bow: but at pricks you are permitted to stand two bows before your mark, and as much behind it as you please.

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