Saturday, November 01, 2008

Over 30,000 Served

Some time in the past week this blog passed 30,000 visits, not counting those of you that read this by way of a feed. Woohoo!

The last 40 included visitors from the UK, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Finland, Saudi Arabia and Norway. Over half of them are going to the archive by way of a search engine. This is very much a long tail site.

One of the things that most SF writers missed in the days before search engines was the awesome power of artificial stupidity. Our best programs are still epic failures at passing a Turing test, but fast, patient cheap bots with perhaps the intellectual capacity of a termite have transformed our world.

One of the things that’s exciting about the alternate universe I live in is the boundless inventiveness of humans in finding ways to use the new technology that the original inventor never imagined. Internet Porn. Gold Farmers. Mostly Medievalist Bloggers linking to Undead Martin van Buren.

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Steve Muhlberger said...

I mostly read this via feed but will make an exception this time to celebrate "articial stupidity."