Friday, July 17, 2009

Cutting Pikes

Here is di Grassi on using halberds, bills and partisans to cut pikes in battle.

But because these weapons for the most part are exercised, and used to enter through divers Pikes & other weapons, and to breake and disorder the battell raye, to which ende, and purpose, if it be used, then that manner of mannaging and handling is verie onvenient which is practised now adaies, and thus it is. The Partesan, Holberd, and Bill (but not the Javelin, being in this case nothing effectuall because it hath small force in the edge) must be borne in the middle of the staffe, with the heele thereof before, and verie lowe, and the point neere a mans head. And with the said heele, or halfe staffe underneath, from the handle downwardes, he must warde and beat off the pointes and thrustes of the Pikes and other weapons, and having made waie, must enter with the encrease of a pace of the hinder foote, and in the same instant, let fall his weapon as forcibly as he maie, and strike with the edge athward the Pikes. This kinde of blowe is so strong (being delivered as it ought, considering it commeth from above downwardes, and the weapon of it selfe is verie heavie) that it will cut asunder not onely Pikes, but also any other forcible impediment.

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