Monday, August 17, 2009

PETA to Provide Sharks with Beach Excursion Vehicles

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) believe that sharks are mostly misunderstood. “Most people never even get to see a Great White in its natural habitat” said Diana “Di” Furwearersdie, PETA’s director of media relations. “And some, because of unfair prejudice, won’t go in the water at all. And so these remarkable creatures are inevitably misunderstood, overfished and underprotected. This needs to change.”

PETA is taking steps to work for that change by equipping dozens of sharks with Beach Excursion Vehicles: a plexiglass tank of filtered salt water mounted on an all terrain vehicle chassis. The sharks have proved remarkably adept at using their snouts to manipulate steering joysticks submerged in the tanks to move about beaches with surprising agility and speed.

“It’s all about promoting understanding by giving more people a chance to interact with these magnificent creatures” said Ms. Furwearersdie to reporters as a shark deftly maneuvered his vehicle across a sand dune, lunged halfway out of the tank and snapped up an unwary Cocker Spaniel. “People need to experience the Great Circle of Life for themselves, and understand that they can’t take being at the top of the food chain for granted. That’s what we’re working for.”

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Anna Letha said...

If this is actually true, PETA is simply showing just how out of touch with reality they are. Again. Regardless, this gave me a good laugh.