Thursday, September 10, 2009

Musician Locations at Jousts and Tournaments

In front of gallery on viewer's left:

  • Tournament of the Giant's Pine, Guiron le Courtois (BNF NAF 5243, fol. 55), c. 1370-1380

  • The Beauchamp Pageant, after 1483

    In front of gallery on viewer's left and right:

  • Tournament of Camelot, The Quest for the Holy Grail (BNF Fr. 343, fol. 4v), c. 1380-1385

    In gallery on viewer's right:

  • Tournament, Composition de la Sainte Escriture, 1462

    In gallery on viewer's left:

  • Unidentified 15th c. Illumination

    In each end zone:

  • The competitors are gathered (fols. 97v-98), and the tournament (fols. 100v-101), The book of the tournament of RenĂ© d'Anjou (BNF Fr. 2695), c. 1460
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