Thursday, April 01, 2010

An Exciting Day for Medievalists

Scholars have discovered another MS of the text in Harleian 3542, The Man that Wol. The new find includes a glossary, clearly explaining the meaning of hawke, rennyng quarter, rownde, cantel and other terms previously obscure.

In a related development, a German text has been discovered explaining the uncaptioned earlier portion of the Codex Wallerstein.

Finally, Mel Gibson has announced a new directors' cut of Braveheart, which will include a CGI rendering of Stirling Bridge added to the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Also, all scenes featuring Princess Isabelle will be reshot. She will be played by Mairi Ella Challen and all her scenes will take place in France, where her father will mention negotiations for her future marriage when she's twelve. Prince Edward's scenes may be reshot as well, and Ricky Martin is being considered for the role.

What an eventful day April 1st has been!

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Steve Muhlberger said...

From your lips to God's ear! :-)