Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bleg: Gloves for Gauntlets

Does anyone have a source for living history quality gloves suitable for the inside of a 14th c. hourglass gauntlet? I'm thinking particularly of the shape of the thumb seam and absence of visible machine stitching.


William de Wyke said...

I don't know any commercial sources, but I know a couple of people who make gloves. I don't know how well the process works without the actual hand to work from (they are in AU and NZ) but you can drop me a line on william at wherearetheelves dot net and I can put you in touch.

cgc.sjw said...



I haven't got a pair of their gloves myself, but they have quite a few testimonials on MyArmoury.com.

Also Karl Robinson, but I suspect you know him!

I have the same issue myself--bad gloves in good gauntlets--so I'll be watching for your solution.

Fantastic blog. Thanks!