Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pandolfo Malatesta III's Doublet

Here is an article on Pandolfo's doublet, in which he was buried in 1427. Here are additional photographs of the doublet and a reconstruction. Here is an additional picture of the doublet, and here are more details and a pattern. Here is another photo of the reconstruction, giving a clearer view of the pattern of quilting.

Here is an article in Italian.

Here's a book on the restoration:

Title: Redire 1427-2009 : Ritorno alla luce : Il restauro del Farsetto di Pandolfo III Malatesti [Back to the light. The restoration of the doublet of Pandolfo III Malatesta]
Author: Kusch, Claudia ; Patrizia Mignani ; Raffaella Pozzi (eds)
Price: $48.95
Description: Fano: Museo Civico, 2009. 24cm., pbk., 107pp. illus., most in color. Exhibition catalogue. (I quaderni del Museo, n. 2, 2009)

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