Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Illustrations

I've opened another Cafepress store, Commonplace Space, featuring some of my Science Fiction illustrations.


Warvair said...


Today, something from the past popped into my head, it's popped in there probably once every few years - a gray, faint memory of something cool that I'd completely forgotten. When this happens I set about trying to remember a few, vague hints at what it was: space, game, booklet... did I own it, no... I think someone else did. Was it a role-playing game... not sure... time frame? um... 80s? Definitely a board game of some sort - off to! Search, search... that's it! Star Saga!!!

That's what I just did and then I remembered what was cool, the great clean and simple line art in the booklets (I never played the game - or owned it - but I borrowed it once just to look at the art).

Anyway, this time I looked up the artist and after another few breadcrumbs were found across several websites - I showed up here.

Looks like I've found the right guy since many of your Cafepress offerings look familiar, but I just wanted to find a collection of those Star Saga illustrations (and any similar ones you've done since). The Cafepress site doesn't really present the images themselve very well and it's hard to navigate.

Do you have a deviantART page? I searched, but I can never seem to find people on there.

Will McLean said...
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Will McLean said...


You found the right guy, and you timed your search well: I only put the Star Saga art up very recently.

I don't have a deviantART page. I'll look at that option at some point.

Warvair said...


Cool! Please let me know if you put any collections up anywhere. I'm following your blog now, so I'll probably catch it if you post that you've created a deviantART account or even just post them here.

Are you still working as an illustrator?