Monday, January 02, 2012

My Favorite Posts of 2011

Household Economy of a Banneret and a Squire
The Household of Alice de Bryene
Medieval Gloves and Mittens
Lance Construction
Hardened Leather Armor
The Incandescent Hypocrisy of Mike Griffin
Locating Eyelets on Full Length Hose
More on the Ironically Named Chivalry Bookshelf
The Pavilion of Heraclius
Taxonomy of Tents
How Much Did Medieval Women Care About Deeds of Arms?
Important Things to Remember About History

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andrewjameslowry said...

Thank-you I have enjoyed your blog over the past year.

I don't know if you have been to DC lately but there is a wonderful display there that you should see at the National Gallery. If you can't get to see it then you should at least download the pamphlet on the web site.

Again thank-you Baron Richard Larme