Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Felt Hats

The hat on the far left used a high crown block and a separate brim block, both hand carved from pink insulating foam. The body used is sold by Leko as a long hair fur felt hood. One side is smooth and long rabbit hair is visible on the other. I put the hair side inside and on the outside of the upturned brim.

The next used the same blocks, but without using the full height of the brim block in back, so the overall height is a bit lower. Two wool felt blanks in contrasting colors were used.

The third uses the blocks similarly with a single wool felt blank.

The last used a low crown block without a separate brim block and a single layer of wool felt. In blocking, wet felt was pulled forward from the crown block to create a brim in front of the crown.


Lisa P. said...

Wow, those look great! On Facebook, we're having a conversation on blocked (vs. sewn) felt hats in early period. Can you point us towards any documentation? Thanks very much! -Lisa P.

Will McLean said...

That's a good question, Lisa P. I know that the Romans and Greeks both wore felt hats, so I would have thought blocked. But surviving hats from late Roman era suggest they used both felting and sewing:

catherine please said...

can i buy one of these hats? i've been looking for one for so long!