Monday, March 17, 2008

Mesterinde Karen Larsdatter's Site

Karen Larsdatter's site has a lot more than the list enclosures and tournament galleries mentioned in the last post. The very rich site has a lot of images and articles related to medieval material culture from acrobats to zibellini. And it's searchable. Also she has a Medieval Material Culture Blog.

Hat tip to Steve Muhlberger.


Karen said...

Well, technically, it goes from acrobats to zibellini ... ;)

Glad you're enjoying it! If you can think of some other subject areas I ought to add, get in touch. (Several are currently under development, including armorers, extant footwear, and the aforementioned acrobats.)

Will McLean said...

Updated, Karen. it's a great site

Keith said...

Karen, really great info on your site, do you know of any 17thc.-18thc. sites/blogs that contain the same sort of information on period items/equipment?
Regards, Keith.