Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Note to Readers of my Feed

From time to time I will blog satire. As a service to my readers, such posts include the label “We don’t need no steenkin’ footnotes” to avoid confusion. If someone put the Islamofascist Green Shirts or Zombie John Chandos in their history paper after they found out about them on the internet, I’d feel bad about it. A little bit, anyway. The Livejournal feed doesn’t include the labels, alas. But if you suspect that I might be pulling your leg, then go directly to the blog. Because it’s always April 1st somewhere, and never more than a light year away.


Ed Greaves said...

Will, I don't think there's any other LJ feed reader than me.

Scott Nolan said...

Uh - there are several of us who read both the LJ feed and the blogger foo directly.

Gotta love April fool's day.

Ed Greaves said...

Hmm...that's odd, because the LJ feed i'm signed up for has only one listed reader. I assumed that to be me. :)

Perhaps there are duplicate feeds.

Scott Nolan said...


That's the one friends set up and shared.