Tuesday, February 24, 2009

15th Century German Tournament Rules

An article from the Journal of Sport History.

These present an interesting comparison to King Rene’s rules and those implied by de Charny’s questions. In the 1479 rules horses may be seized for ransom. “When the tournament is started everybody shall draw his sword and aim at the crest of his opponent; and not at parts where he is unarmed.” This is followed by combat with clubs. “After the announcement that the tournament begins no other weapons than the club must be used. No aiming at parts below the saddle where the opponent is unarmed.....Every participant to have one master at arms only, who has to wear a helmet and protection for his legs. This master is only allowed a stave and a rebaited knife...A prince shall be allowed 4 squires, an earl or lord 3 squires, a knight 2 squires, and a nobleman 1 squire...The squires may escort their masters taking hold of the bridle; they must not push away opponents by the help of their weapons…. Squires are not allowed to grasp the bridles of opponents’ horses.”

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