Friday, June 26, 2009

Six Degrees of Roger Bacon

The trivia game for medievalists! Connect a medieval author to Roger Bacon with as few links as possible. For example, Froissart:

Roger Bacon criticized Albertus Magnus
Dante frequently mentioned Albertus Magnus and placed him in the Heaven of the Sun in the Divine Comedy
Chaucer admired, quoted and cited Dante
The opening lines of Chaucer's Book of the Duchess are a nearly exact translation of Froissart's Paradis d'Amour

Your turn!


bella gerens said...

How about Kevin Bacon-->Roger Bacon ?

Kevin Bacon and Christian Slater starred together in Murder in the First (1995).

Christian Slater plays Adso of Melk in The Name of the Rose (1987).

The main character in the novel The Name of the Rose is William of Baskerville, an English Franciscan friar.

Roger Bacon was an English Franciscan.

Will McLean said...


More direct than that. In the novel William of Baskerville is a disciple of Roger Bacon

bella gerens said...

Well yes, but as practically every English Franciscan post-Bacon was a disciple of Bacon...

I was trying to come with something for your original challenge, but I couldn't think of any medieval authors who were more than one or two steps removed! But then my knowledge of medieval authors is more or less limited to the scientific and theological stuff, so maybe that's why I was having such trouble. ;-)