Saturday, August 28, 2010

Argumentum ad un-Americanum

Will Wilkinson responds to the argument that "America’s distinction is that it was the first nation founded on the principle that you have a right to pursue your own happiness without government interference."
Say what? Government programs to promote homeownership are American as flag-flavored eagle pie. The first clue is that there are so many goddamn subsidies for homeownership in democratic America. The second clue is that these subsidies are so goddamn popular with Americans, probably because American culture really does relentlessly assault Americans with the American idea that owning an American house is an essential American part of the best and most authentic American way of American living.

One could go on and on and on and on enumerating the ways in which government in America from the moment of its inception reserved the right to interfere with the individual’s pursuit of happiness, but that would be tedious.

Mmmmmm. Flag-flavored eagle pie. Mmmmm.

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