Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pavilion Hoops, 1511

Green sarcenet, for the " boos" (boughs) of the forest, 26 ft. lo'ng, 16 ft. broad, and 9 ft. high, 153 yds.; lining a pavilion for the King, 42 yds.; for 12 hawthorns, 44 yds.; 12 oaks, 44 yds.; 10 maples, 36 yds.; hazels, 32 yds.; 10 birches, 32 yds.; 16 doz. fern roots and branches, 64 yds.; 50 broom stalks, 58 yds.; 16 furze bushes, 33 yds.; lining the maiden's sleeves, 2£ yds.; total, 542 yds. Yellow sarcenet for broom and furze flowers, 22 yds. Russet sarcenet for the 4 woodwos' garments, shred like locks of hair or wool, 48 yds. Russet damask, spent by Edm. Skill, tailor, for kirtles for the maiden in the forest, and those on the lion and "olyvant,'' 10 yds. Yellow damask for the maidens on the lion and "antlope," 10yds. Blue velvet for a pavilion for the King, 36 yds. Blue and crimson damask for pavilions. 1 yd. of blue sarcenet for a banner in the forest. 23 oz. of Venice silk, 16d. an oz. 31 oz. of fine silk, 14d. an oz.; " spent and employed on the said four pavilions for points to stay the hoops, which points were spent, stolen, and wasted at. the siege of Terouenne at the receiving of the Emperor, for the said pavilions did the King royal service to his honor." To Mrs. Christian Warren, for "a fringe of damask gold weighing by Venice weight, 140 oz. set on the King's rich pavilion, for the which she hath 14d. for every ounce working,"

Great Britain, J. S. Brewer, Robert Henry Brodie, and James Gairdner. 1862. Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII: preserved in the Public Record Office, the British Museum, and elsewhere in England. London: Longman, Green, Longman, & Roberts. p. 1495

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