Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pochspiel Board

Pochspiel Board by ~WillMcLean on deviantART

You can mount this print on pasteboard or wood for a better playing surface. I've used artist's spray mount. Strathmore multi-ply gives a surface without modern labels on the back.

Rules here.

The pictures were, where possible, based on 15th c. German cards, with costume details and drawing style backdated to the late 14th century. This is speculative: Pochspiel is first documented in 1441. Dummet claims there's a reference in an account book to Glic in 1397. When reported later in the 15th century Glic seems to have been a similar game to Pochspiel.

The leftmost panel in the lower row is a 10: the early German decks I was using as prototypes used banners for tens. I've put a Roman numeral X on the banner as a reminder.

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