Friday, May 06, 2011

Star Saga

Missionary by ~WillMcLean on deviantART

Star Saga 1 and Star Saga 2 were fun, innovative computer games that came out in 1988 and 1989. I did the illustrations for the game booklets, and they were two of my most favoritest illustration assignments ever.

Unfortunately, they were not a commercial success, and there was no Star Saga 3.

I'm republishing several of the illustrations on deviantART and CafePress. I was pretty pleased with them, and I hope that some people that never saw the original game will enjoy them too.

In the game, you could take the role of one of six different space adventurers, whose back story was described in a paper booklet, and I needed to come up with a cover illustration for each of those booklets for both the first and second game. To allow you to identify more easily with your chosen role, the gender of each was carefully unstated, and the names were all chosen to preserve the ambiguity.

I had to come up with an illustration that said something meaningful about each character, without ever explicitly indicating if they were male or female. One solution is shown above.

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