Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Harfleur Movement Comes to Colonial Plantation, PA, October 15-16

La Belle Compagnie will bring an October 1414 impression to Colonial Plantation's Medieval Days event October 15-16, 2011, in Media, PA.

We will portray the early 15th c. England that is 99% English, with part of the remaining 1% having a completely valid dynastic claim to the throne of France through Isabella of France, great-great-grandmother of the current king, Henry V.

We are the 99%, plus the other 1%, who are also us.

Our demands? Thank you for asking. Normandy, Touraine, Anjou, Maine, Brittany, Flanders, a fully restored Duchy of Aquitaine in full sovereignty, the lordship of Provence, the one million six hundred thousand crowns outstanding from the ransom of Jean II of France, and two million crowns as dowry for the Princess Catherine of France, to wed Henry V.

We believe in making explicit and coherent demands, so you know where you stand.

At this time the Valois royal princes of France have been going at each other since 1407 like a bottle of scorpions, lightly shaken, so I think we can offer an attractive alternative.

We believe the French deserve a king who is fit, rested, pious and doesn't intermittently believe he is made of glass.

In October of 1414, the king is not yet ready to sail to France to reclaim his inheritance, so our impression will be of the Compagnie in Carlisle, where one of our number has undertaken to perform a deed of arms against a Scots esquire.

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