Friday, March 02, 2012

The Right's Achilles

In the war against the institutional Left, Andrew Breitbart was the Right’s Achilles; the bravest of all the warriors, now fallen on the plain.

wrote Michael Walsh.

Homer's Achilles was an arrogant, wrathful, cruel, mutinous man who spent most of the Illiad sulking in his tent because he wasn't getting what he wanted. Not how I'd want to be remembered.

Ta-nehisi Coates has what I think is a fair evaluation of Breitbart's record.


Steve Muhlberger said...

Walsh: "even Achilles had to spend time in his tent.". Did W. ever read the Iliad?

Will McLean said...

I suspect that he did, a long time ago, he was paying insufficient attention at the time, and he doesn't remember it very well.

The thing is, it's an apt metaphor, but not in a good way.