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Pavilions in the Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland 1532-38

Item, the xxiiij day of September, for ix 1/2 dosane (dozen) fyne canves to be ane pailʒeoune to the Kingis grace, price of the dosane xviij s.; summa . viij li. xj s.
Item, to lyne the gavill (gable) of the samyn, and vj breidis xx elnis canves, price of the elne xvj d.; summa xxvij s. iiij d.
Item for xxiiij elnis reid and ʒallow bucram to spraying (ornamenting with colored stripes) the said pailʒeoune, price of the elne ij s.; summa xlviij s.
Item, for ij 1/2 stane cordis thairto . . . xxx s.
Item, for toppis thairto , . . iiij s. iiij d.
Item, to James Litiljohne for ledder thairto xxviij s.
Item, to Thome Arthoure, for making of the pailʒoune
and listingis (selvage, hem, border), and nalis thairto . . v li.

P. 74, 1532

Item, deliverit to Thomas Arthure, to double the Kingis palʒeonis, xlvij elnis Bartane canves, price of the elne xvij d.; summa . . iij li. vj s. vj d.

p. 192, 1534

Item, for ane stane of small towis (ropes) to the palʒeonis that past to the huntis, deliverit to Macke Gourlaw, price thairof ...... xiij s. iiij d.
Item, for viij elnis of grete canwes, deliverit to him and to the saidis palʒeonis, price of the elne xvj d.; summa x s. viij d.
Item, to him for iij toppis to the saidis palʒeonis iij 3.

P. 433, 1538

ʒ is the letter yogh, pronounced like the "Y" in York or the "ch" on loch.

Scotland, Thomas Dickson, James Balfour Paul, C. T. McInnes, and Athol L. Murray. 1877. Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland = Compota thesaurariorum Regum Scotorum. Vol. 6 Edinburgh: H.M. General Register House.

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