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Pavilions in the Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland 1496

Item, viij pailʒoune treis to the King xxxv s.
Item, for five dosane three elne and a half of cammas (canvas) to lyne the Kingis pailʒoune iij li. xviij d.
Item, for rede wosat (worsted) to bordour the flouris of the pailʒoune ix s. vj d.
Item, for five barkit (tanned) hydis to the Kingis pailʒounes xlv s. vi d.
Item, for a pund of pyk (pitch) for the pailʒoune threid iiij d.
Item, the samyn day, for foure steikis of bukram, in Edinburgh, to the Kingis pailʒounis, ilk steik haldand vij elne and a half, and for ilk elne xxij d; summa ij li. xv s.
Item, to the cordonare (shoemaker) that bindis the pailʒounis v s.
Item, giffin for ane aschin tre, to be toppis to the Kingis pailʒounis xiiij s.
Item, the xxv day of Julij, giffin for vii mast treis to the Kingis pailʒoun xxxvi s.
Item, that samyn day for v stane and v pund of braid (broad) irne for the pailʒoun treis xj s. a d. ob.
Item, for xij dowbill platis to be thanis (vanes) to the pailʒounis ix s. ix d.
Item.... for haw (pale) threid to the pailʒounis viij d.
Item, the penult. day of Julij, giffin for rede worsat to the Kingis pailʒounis xxx d.
Itm, to the sowtare, (shoemaker or cobbler) for binding of the pailʒounis v s. viij d.
Item, to the turnour, for turnyng of xij pailʒoun toppis xvj s.
Item, to carry a laid of spakis fra the Castel to the Abbey, to make pailʒoune pynnys (pegs) ii d.
Item, for iie tynnit nalis, to the pailʒoune toppis xxviij d.
Item, the xvij day of August, giffin for ij cartis to cary the pailʒoun treis fra the Abbey to the Castel to put on the bandis and platis on thaim xxx d.
Item (the xij day of September) for xxx chenʒeis (chains) to the pailʒoune treis x s.
Item, that samyn day, to the sowtare that band the pailʒounis vij s. iiij d.
Item, that samyn day, giffin for grathing (fitting) of the pailʒoune toppis with irne grath, (fittings) to the nowmir of xvj. xxiiij s.
Item, to John Pret, payntour, for painting of pailʒoune thanis (vanes) and the Kingis coetearmour iij li.

Pp. 282-297 1496

Scotland, Thomas Dickson, James Balfour Paul, C. T. McInnes, and Athol L. Murray. 1877. Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland = Compota thesaurariorum Regum Scotorum. Vol. 1 Edinburgh: H.M. General Register House.

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