Monday, December 31, 2012

Meyer 1560

A translation of Joachim Meyer's 1560 fighting manual has been published by a member of the Meyer Freifechter Guild.

Addition translations and articles are available at their site. My thanks to Hugh Knight for finding this.

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Anonymous said...

What are your views on the use of multi-user computer simulations for medieval combat reenactment? I've seen some that are realistic enough in terms of accurate physics and blow-by-blow usage of weapons, and allow enough people on the field simultaneously, to be usable for reenactment purposes. I can provide some links to videos of examples if you wish. The chief advantages: simulations allow participants to actually (vicariously) wound and kill enemy soldiers, unlike physical reenactment, which is crucial for achieving any reasonable emulation of real combat and real tactics. Some simulations also allow authentic troop strengths (a few allegedly can handle tens of thousands of men simultaneously, although most of these need to be software controlled). This allows realistic tactics, unlike having just a few hundred physical reenactors. The graphics are starting to reach photorealism levels, which helps suspend disbelief.