Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pavilion Project: Part I

I commissioned a pavilion from Robert MacPherson. He is producing the design, the tent, and almost all of the fittings. Bent ash for the sectional hoop at the shoulder was ordered from a Lancaster County woodcrafter and hand cleft ash tent pegs from H W Morgan & Sons. I have been painting the canvas.

Here you see how the canvas is nailed to a turned wooden cone that will be fixed on a steel rod protruding from the top of the central pole. The top of that pole is reinforced with a ferrule. A conical  steel band was nailed over where the canvas was nailed to the cone, and the gap between wood and steel will be caulked at the top. 

The cone was turned from laminated poplar, made from pieces a nominal 1" thick. The pavilion tops made for the king of Scotland in 1496 were turned from ash.

A second steel band is nailed to the top of the cone, fitted with four rings to attach guy ropes.

A gilded wooden ball will be fixed atop the cone. 

The first photo is mine. The others were taken by Robert MacPherson.

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