Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hoops in Canopies

Details from, top to bottom: Petrus Christus Madonna and Child with St. Barbara and a Carthusian Monk (Exeter Madonna) c.1450, Bible Historiale of Jean de Vaudetar, 1372,   Judith and Holofernes from the Speculum Humanae Salvationis MS Hunter 60 (T.2.18) 1455, Annunciation Martin Schongauer Engraving ca. 1484/5, Annunciation Martin Schongauer, Painting.

Conveniently, the very sheer material of the Exeter Madonna's canopy allows us to see the hoop that spreads it.The indoor canopy of light fabric requires only a slender hoop. In the last three images I believe we are seeing a round curtain rod of slightly narrower radius than the hoop that spreads the canopy, with widely spaced brackets providing enough clearance for the curtain rings to slide along the rod to open or close the canopy curtains.

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