Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome to Another Player in the Great Game

There's a thing we humans do. It's like the Olympics, only different. Like the Olympics, it has a lot to do with national pride, but it's harder and more rewarding. Not only do you earn the laurels for being the best competitor, but you learn things previously unknown.

In the Great Game we compete to throw robots towards other planets. This is much harder than bobsledding, so not everyone can play.  Arguably the most challenging league of all is currently Beyond Lunar Orbit. (Just putting a robot in lunar orbit is an elite club).

Until recently, the Beyond Lunar Orbit club consisted of the United States, the state currently known as Russia, a European consortium, and Japan. China attempted to compete, but failed its last attempt.

Now India has a spacecraft orbiting Earth, poised for an attempt to reach Mars.

Good luck and Godspeed, India. It is a good thing to live in a richer world. The more players, the better the game!

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Les Berkley said...

Filthy heathen devils, worshipping their hideous half-human idols in their blasphemous subterranean altars. They must be brought into the light of the True Religion!