Sunday, August 26, 2007

15th Century Deeds of Arms

Challenge by Michel D'Orris 1400

Victory of Seven French against Seven English in a Private Combat 1402

How Jean de Werchin, seneschal of Hainault, sent his letters to diverse countries to do arms, 1402
An Account of those Combats

Richard Beauchamp Jousts at Coronation of Queen Jane, 1403

Orleans vs. Burgundy: an Aborted Outrance Combat of Seven vs. Seven, 1406

The Seneschal of Hainault Performs a Deed of Arms in Valencia, 1407
de Lannoy's account

Richard Beauchamp vs. Pandolfo Malatesta 1408

The Seneschal of Hainault Challenges the Knights of the Garter, 1408

John of Cornwall vs. the Seneschal of Hainault 1409

Richard Beauchamp Tourneys, c. 1410

The Seneschal of Hainault and His Companions Do Arms at Smithfield, 1410

Challenge of the Earl of Warwick 1412-1413
Richard Beauchamp vs. Gerard Herbaumes, 1413
Richard Beauchamp vs. Hugh Launey, 1413
Richard Beauchamp vs. Colard Fynes, 1413

Gerard Herbaumes Issues a Challenge, ca. 1413

How Arms Were Done in the Mines Before Arras,1414

Richard Beauchamp vs. A German Duke c. 1415

The Duke of Bourbon's Enterprise 1415

D’Ollumen vs. de la Haye 1415

Rumaindres vs. de Bars 1415

Alvaro Continge vs. Clugnet de Brabant 1415

Three Portuguese Do Arms against Three French at Paris, 1415

Two Challenges Fought at Arras, 1423

Falces Guzman 1428

Passo de Fuerte Ventura

Maillotin de Bours vs. Hector de Flavy, 1431

The Passo Honroso, 1434

A Combat between Sir Juan de Merlo and the Lord de Chargny, 1435

Merlo vs de Chargny 1435 

Quijada vs. Haubourdin 1435

De Saxe vs. Pimentel 1435

Merlo vs.Ramstein 1435 or 1436

Squire John Astley meets Pierre de Massy in Paris--1438

Passo de Valladolid, 1440 

Boyle vs.Asteley, January 30, 1442

The Pas d'Armes of Charlemagnes' Tree, 1443
Challenges and Articles for the Deed of Arms
De Vaudrey and de Compais Fight on Foot with Swords

Boniface vs. Lalaing 1445

Jousts at the marriage of Margaret of Anjou at Nancy, 1445

Pas de Chalons-sur-Marne, 1445

Emprise de la gueule du dragon, between Razilly and Chinon 1446

Emprise de la Joyeuse Garde, near Saumur,1446

Galiot de Baltasin and Phillipe de Ternant Fight on Foot with Lances, 1446

Galiot de Baltasin and Phillipe de Ternant Fight with Swords, 1446

Pas du Geant a la Blanche Dame du Pavilion, 1446

L'Emprise du Cœur volant vermeil aux larmes blanches 1446

Pas du Chevalier Aventureux 1447 or 1448

Lalaing vs. Guzman, 1448

How Sir Jacques de Lalaing did arms in Scotland; and of many other particulars in the house of Burgundy. (1448)

Lalaing vs Thomas Kay(?), 1448

Pas de la Belle Pelerin, 1449

Pas de la Bergere, 1449,

Haubourdin vs. de Bearn ca. 1449

Pas de la Fontaine aux Pleurs 1449-1450

Jacques de Lalaing and Jacques d'Avanchies Fight with Swords, 1450
De la Marche's Account
Chastelain's Account.

Jacques de Lalaing vs. Jean Pientois, 1450

Pas du Pin aux Pommes d'Or Pas du Chevalier au Cygne

1458 Sasse vs. Rebremettes, 1458

Pas du Compagnon a la Larme Blanche, 1458

Pas de Jaen, 1461

Pas de Lille 1461

Pas de la Perron Fee 1463

Pas de la Dame Inconnu 1463 or 1464

Chassa vs. Bretelles, 1466

The Tiptoft Rules, 1466

Bastard of Burgundy vs. Scales 1467

Pas de la'Arbre d'Or, 1468

Pas de la Dame Sauvage, 1470

Ayre, Picardy 1494

Hamilton vs. Caupance, ca. 1500

To Cry a Joust, 15th Century

King Rene's Tournament Book

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Combat of the Thirty 2007

In this photo I'm the man at arms on the left with the red lance.

Many more photos of the 2007 recreation of the Combat of the Thirty at Pennsic are posted here. Also, here and here.

This event has gotten better every year, although, as Steve Muhlberger points out, much of the armor is a bit later than 1351. And the "English" team, at least, should probably be a bit scruffier, in a 14th c. sort of way.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cleaning Armor

Klingspor’s Sandflex® Blocks are useful tools for quickly removing rust. Made of some sort of rubbery, eraser-like material impregnated with abrasive, they come in fine, medium and coarse. Most of my current armor is not a mirror finish, but the finish is fine enough that it will show scratches from a Scotch-Brite scouring pad. By ending with the fine block I can remove rust without marring the finish. I also use them to remove rust from sword and dagger hilts. The blocks are also useful for removing corrosion from copper alloy fittings and returning them to a bright finish.

You can read more here.

You can save yourself a lot of later trouble by removing rust before the metal becomes pitted.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Belgian Longsword Rules

Matt Galas has posted an account of longsword fencing rules used in Belgium and Northern France from ca. 1540 to the late 1700s, with more details later in the thread. Very interesting!