Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Richard Beauchamp vs. Pandolfo Malatesta 1408 his departing from France into short space after came another herald to Earl Richard, sent from Sir Pandolf Malatete or Malet with letters of challenge, to do certain points of arms with him at Verona at a certain day assigned for the order of the Garter. To the which challenge to be done before Sir Galeot of Mantua. And after he had done his pilgrimage at Rome, he returned to Verona, where he and his challenger Sir Pandolf should first joust, then go together with axes, after with arming swords and last with sharp daggers.

How at place and day assigned, resorting thither all the country, Sir Pandolf entered the place, nine spears before him. Then, the act of spears to the earl Richard worshipfully finished, after went they together with axes, and if the lord Galeot had not the sooner cried peace, Sir Pandolf, sore wounded on the left shoulder, had been utterly slain in the field.

Pageant of the Birth Life and Death of Richard Beauchamp Earl of Warwick K. G. 1389-1439, Dillon, Viscount, Ed. London 1914

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