Thursday, July 20, 2006

Braveheart Outtake

Edward I: "Yes, heh, we must find a way to, cough, bring these rebellious Scots to heel..."

(other cast members look at ceiling, since Patrick McGoohan is the most prominent Celt in the whole bloody movie, and he's playing King Edward...)

E: "Yes, I believe it is time to revive the ancient IUS PRIMA NOCTUAE!"

(Edward whips a small owl from beneath his cloak. Other cast members start back in alarm)

E: "Yes, heh, that will bring north the sort of men we need, eh? Anyone got a mouse? Hmmm, anyone?"

(Remainder of the cast back slowly away, muttering "A mouse, right, thought I saw one in the kitchen", etc. etc. Prince Edward and friend are scrupulously careful to avoid open windows on the way out.....)


Anonymous said...

Nonono--that's "noctae," not "noctuae"....


Will McLean said...

Right you are. Fixed.