Friday, January 29, 2010

The Seneschal of Hainaut Performs a Deed of Arms in Valencia, 1407

In the year 1405, in the month of May, I left, with my lord the seneschal of Hainaut, to go to see the arms that he, my lord Jacques de Montenay, Tanguy du Chastel and Carmenien did at Valencia the great, before the king Martin of Aragon, against four other gentlemen of Aragon and Gascony; Pere de Moncada, Colombart de Santa-Coloma and two others. And the said arms would be until the whole body was born down or they had lost all their weapons.Which arms they did, taken while fighting with honor on both sides. [Et estoient lesdittes armes a etre portez jus de tout le corps ou avoir perdu tous ses bastons. Lesquelles armes furent prinses sus en combatant a l'onneur d'une partie er d'lautre]

Ghillebert de Lannoy Œuvres de Ghillebert de Lannoy, voyageur, diplomate et moraliste; Louvain 1878 p.13 Martín de Riquer reports that according to Aragonese documents the combat happened on May 30 of 1407.

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