Thursday, January 21, 2010

Charny Asks:

Since I have heard it said that one is able to leave and retreat from a battle from the defeated side, if he has acted in seven ways without being killed or taken, without being reproached. How can this be and what are the seven ways?

This is W37 of his demandes.

Steve Muhlberger asks:

It would certainly be very illuminating to have Charny's list of seven mitigating circumstances, and whose comments on them, given that he was twice captured and must have twice surrendered himself, even though he did not consider this something that could be done lightly (W79).

I say:

If your side can no longer win on that field, or if a small chance of turning defeat to victory is disproportionate to the chance of losing more by remaining,

If you retreat in obedience to the orders of your captain,

If you retreat in good order and array,

If you continue to defend yourself,

If you do injury to the enemy whenever you can,

If you do not abandon your wounded,

and if you do not abandon your arms.

For extra bonus points, inflict more casualties on the enemy than you suffer yourself.

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andrewjameslowry said...

Excellent reasons. BTW I followed the link to the Battle of Chosin Reservoir article. Wow! What a battle. I am shocked by the line, "only to encounter defenders that were already frozen in their foxholes.[155]"

Richard Larmer