Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Serpentes on a Shippe

Geoffrey Chaucer writes about the new drama Serpentes on a Shippe. Where else can you hear dialog like "Aaargh! There is an adder in my costrel!" and "This amphisbena shall notte comme to the fore-castle, maugre my head"?

Already there is talk of sequels: Beehives in a Siege-Tower and Scorpions on a Haywain. Time will tell if the genre of "dramas with refreshingly direct titles" has legs. If so, look forward to titles like Thwacking on a Grail-Quest and Fart Jokes on a Pilgrimage


Retired Tourneyer said...

Thanks to you and Chaucer, I have had the word "Amphisbena" looping endlessly through my head for the last 48 hours. Great.

Will McLean said...

Hah! Remember the 1990s, when "Amphisbena" was a hot Flamenco Rhumba Pop hit and irritatingly popular dance craze complete with hand gestures?