Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Floor Tiles from Sainte-Chapelle, Paris

Photographs by Wendy McLean

I thought these were charming. A friend notes in the comments that these tiles were replacements from the 19th c. restoration, but this source reports that they were copies of the original medieval tiles.

Update: on further research, copies probably exaggerates their fidelity to the original. The medieval tiles of this type only rarely used more than two colors.


Anonymous said...

I liked those, too--the tour guide we had said that they were Victorian retrofits, but I might try to reproduce the one with the greyhounds, anyway :-)


Anonymous said...

Is this Minton Tile?

Will McLean said...

It may be Minton. On the one hand, the colors are similar to other Minton tiles. On the other hand, I can find no evidence that they did these particular tiles, and others were doing similar work at the time.