Friday, February 12, 2010

Lord Scales' Pavilion, 1467

The descripcion of his Pavylon.

Also the Pavylon' of double blewe saton, richely embrowdird with his letters; the valence thereof embrowdird with' his woorde fixid on tymbir werke removable on ev'y quarter. A banner of dyv's his armes in the toppe. A banner fixid of his hole armes. The noombir of the banners on the pavylon .viij. And Seint Georges banner' fixid in the poste of the listes beside the Kynges tente on the right hande, with xv. banners rowes sett on ev'y othir poste of the seide felde, conc'nyng the armes of dyv's lordshippes accordyng to the lyneall' petigree of his discent, with' a bannere.

Excerpta historica: or, Illustrations of English history [edited by Samuel Bentley] London, 1831 p.206

Note the reference to the valence fixed on timber work.

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