Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Elaborate Encampment, 1439

The Cardinal had built there a large tent or tabernacle, with timber beams, more than a hundred feet in length. It was covered, above and below, as well as the walls, with new linen canvas.

Nearly all the necessary services were combined under one roof.

At the northern end there was a pantry, buttery, wine cellar, and the like.

At the southern end there were two chambers or apartments.

In the middle was a large and extensive hall, according to skilled judgement well suited for seating 300 men at one meal.

The inside of the hall and chambers were covered with red cloth, very well ornamented with tapestry work.

Behind the tent to the west there was a low courtyard bounded by stakes draped with new linen canvas, with a kitchen within that courtyard, as though in the house of a great lord.

England, and Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 1835. Proceedings and ordinances of the Privy Council of England. London: Printed by G. Eyre and A. Spottiswoode].

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