Monday, March 18, 2013

Le spectacle des joutes and Splendeurs de la cour de Bourgogne

Régnier-Bohler, Danielle. 1995. Splendeurs de la cour de Bourgogne récits et chroniques. Paris: Laffont

Nadot. 2012. Le spectacle des joutes. Sport et courtoisie à la fin du Moyen Age. Rennes: PU Rennes.

Le spectacle des joutes is fortunately not actually just about jousts. It also covers tournaments and deeds of arms on foot, and focuses primarily on 1428-1470 and the zone where pas d'armes and emprises d'armes were popular. This relatively narrow focus allows detailed coverage of the chosen temporal and geographic range, and several of the encounters and sources were new to me.

Splendeurs de la cour de Bourgogne is a valuable source I found through Nadot. It includes a detailed account of the combat between Henri de Sasse and Jean de Rebremettes in 1458 and the Pas du Perron Feé of 1463. More on that pas in a later post.

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