Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abilement for the Just of Pees

A helme well stuffyd wt a Crest of hys de viis.
A peyre of platus and xxx Gyders.
A hanscement for the Bode wt slevis.
A botton wt a tresse in the platis.
A schelde coverid wt his deviis.
A Rerebrace wt a rolle of ledyr well stuffid.
A Maynfere with a ring.
A rerebrasce a moton.
A vambrase and a gaynpayne & ij brickette.
And ij dosyn tresse and vj vamplate.
And xij Grapers, and xij Cornallis & xl Speris.
And a Armerer wt a hamor and pynsons.
And naylys wt a byckorne.
A Goode Cowrscer and row schode wt a softe bytte.
and a gret halter for the rayne of the brydyll.
A Sadyll well stuffyd
and a peyre of jambus.
And iij dowbyll Gyrthis wt dowbill bokollus.
And a dowbill sengull wt dowbill bokullus.
And a rayne of ledir hungre teyyd from the
horse hede un to the gyrthys be twen the forther.
Bowse of the horsce for revassyng.
A Rennyng paytrell
A Croper of leder hongre.
A Trappar for the Courser.
And ij servantis on horsebake well be sayne
And vj servantis on fote all in a sute.

From the Hastings MS, mid 15th c.

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