Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Writing

The Journal of Medieval Military History Volume VIII 2010 Outrance and Plaisance
Daily Life in Chaucer’s England 2nd edition 2008 (with Jeffrey L. Forgeng)
1381, the Peel Affinity: an English knight's household in the fourteenth century, 2007 (supplemental text)
Deeds of Arms; Medieval Accounts of Challenges, Jousts, & Tournaments: Compleat Anachronist #94 1997
Daily Life in Chaucer’s England, Greenwood Publishing, 1995 (with Jeffrey L. Forgeng)
The Chaucerian Handbook, 1993 (with Jeffrey L. Forgeng)
Tournaments Illuminated Magazine:
A New Way to Get Maimed Fall 1994 (#112)
Running a Tournament by King René's Rules Fall 1993 (#108)
Medieval Tournament Prizes Fall 1992 (#104)
Running a Medieval Tournament Spring 1991 (#98)


Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for information on 17th century tournaments?

Will McLean said...

Tudor and Jacobean Tournaments