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To cry a Joust of Peace, 15th c.

We Heralds of Arms bearing shields of devise here we give in knowledge unto all gentlemen of name and of arms. That there be six Gentlemen of name and of arms. That for the great desire and worship that the said six Gentlemen hath taken upon them to be the third day of May next coming before the high and mighty redoubted ladies and Gentlewomen in this high and most honorable court. And in their presence the said six Gentlemen there to appear at nine of the bell before noon. And to joust against all comers without the said day unto six of the bell at after noon. And then by the advice of the said ladies and Gentlewomen to give unto the best Jouster without a Diamond of 40 pounds.

And unto the next the best jouster a ruby of 20 pounds. And unto the third well jouster a sapphire of 10 pounds.

And on the said day there being officers of arms showing their measure of their spears garnished. That is, Coronel, vamplate and grapers all of a size that they shall joust with. And that the said Comers may take the length of the said spears with the advice of the said officers of arms that shall be indifferent unto all parties unto the said day.

The Coming into the Field

The six Gentlemen must come into the field unhelmed and their helms borne before them and their servants on horseback bearing either of them a spear garnished. That is the said six spears the which the said six servants shall ride before them into the field and as the said six Gentlemen be coming before the ladies and Gentlewomen. Then shall be sent an herald of arms up unto the ladies and Gentlewomen, saying in this wise: "High and mighty redoubted and right worshipful ladies and Gentlewomen, these six Gentlemen be come in to your presence and recommended them all unto your good grace in as lowly wise as they can, beseeching you for to give unto three best Jousters without, a Diamond, and a Ruby, and a sapphire unto them that ye think best can deserve it."

Then this message is done. Then the six Gentlemen goeth unto the tiltways (tellws) and doeth on their helms. And when the heralds cry "a l'ostell, a l'ostell", then shall all the six Gentlemen within unhelm them before the said ladies, and make their obeisance and go home unto their lodgings and change them.

Now be come the Gentlewomen without into the presence of the ladies

Then cometh forth a lady, by the advice of all the ladies and Gentlewomen, and gives the Diamond unto the best Jouster without. Saying in this wise: "Sir these ladies and Gentlewomen thank you for your disport and your great labor that ye have this day in their presence. And the said ladies and Gentlewomen sayen that the ye have best Joust this day. Therefore the said ladies and Gentlewomen given you this Diamond and send you much worship and joy of your lady." Thus shall be done with the Ruby and with the Saphire unto the other two next the best Jousters. This done then shall the herald of arms stand up all on high and shall say with a high voice "John hath well jousted, Richard hath Jousted better and Thomas hath jousted best of all."

Then shall he to whom the Diamond is give unto take a lady by the hand and begin the dance. And when the ladies hath danced as long as them liketh then spice wine and drink and then avoid.

From Landsdowne Ms. 285(John Paston's copy of the Grete Booke) fo. 10b, reproduced in Cripps-Day, F.H. The History of the Tournament (London, 1918; reprint New York, 1982). Appendix, p.xxxiv

An alternate versino from the Hastings MS:

To crie a Justus of Pees

We Herrowdys of Armis beryng sheldis of deviis here we yeve in knowlache un to all Gentill men of name and of armus. That ther ben vj Gentilmen of name & armus. That for the gret desire and worschippe that the sayde . vj Gentilmen hath taken up pon them to be the iij day of May nex comyng be fore the hy & myghtty redowttyd ladys & Gentilmen there to a pere at ix of the belle be fore noone. And to Juste a yens all comers wtoute on the sayd day un to vj of the belle at after noon.

And then be there a vise of the sayde ladys & Gentille wymmen to yeve un to the best Juster wtoute a Diamunde of xl li.

And un to the nexte the best juste a rube of xx li. And un to the thyrde well juste a sauffer of x li. And on the sayde day there beyng offecers of armis schuying thayre mesure of thayre speris garnyst. That ys Cornall wamplate & grapers all of asyse that they schall. Juste wt and that they sayde Comers may take the lengthe of the seyde speris wt the a vise of the sayde offecers of armys that schall be in defferant un to all parteys on the sayde day.

The comyng in to the felde

The vj Gentillmen most com in to the felde un helmyd and theyre helm borne be fore tham & thayre servant on horsbake beryng eyther of tham a spere garniste. Yt is the sayde vj speris the wheche the sayde servantis schall ride be fore them in to the felde & as the sayde vj Gentillmen ben com be fore the ladyys & Gentilwime. Then schall be sent an harawde of arm up un to that worschypfull ladys & Gentylwymmen these vj Gentill men ben come in to yowre presens and recomaundit ham all un to yowr goode grace in as lowli wyse as they can besechyng yow for to gyffe un to iij best Justers wtowte a Diamownd & a Rube & a sauffer un to them that ye thenk best can deserve hit.

Thenne this message is doon. Then the vj Gentill men goyth un to the tellws and do on theyr helm. And when the harrawdis cri a lostell a lostell, then schall all the vj Gentill men wtin unhelm them before the seyde ladyys. And make theyre abeisans and go hom un to their loggyng & chaunge them.

Now be com to the Gentyll men withoute in to the presens of the ladyys

Then comyth forth a lady. Be the a vise of all the ladiis & Gentill wymmen & yevis the Dyamund unto the beste Juster wtoute. Sayying in this wise sere these ladiis & Gentill wymmen thank yow for yowr dysport & yowr gret labur that ye have this day in thayre presens. And the sayde ladiis and Gentyll wymmen sayyn that the ye have beste Just this day. There fore the sayde ladys & Gentillwymmen gyff yow this Diamunde & sende yow mych worschyp & ioye of yowr lady. Thus schall be doon wt the Rube & the Sauffer un to the other ij nex the best Justers this don.

Then schall ye harraude of arm stonde up all on hey & schall sey with a hey voyce John hath well justyd. Rycharde hath Justyd better. & Thomas hath justyd best of all.

Then schall he that the Diamonde ys gyf un to he schall take a lady by the honde & be gynnyth the daunce. And when the ladiis hath dauncyd as longe as hem lykyth then spicys & wyne & drynke. And then a voyde.

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