Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Arms Were Done in the Mines Before Arras, Between the Count d'Eu and Lord Montagu (1414)

After these deeds were done, many things were devised between those of the city and those outside, and they said that arms would be undertaken within the mines; the Count d'Eu would meet with Lord Montagu, captain of the city, and do arms under certain conditions. That is to say that Lord Montagu was to be within the mines, armed and equipped with axe, sword and dagger as seemed good to him; and the Count d'Eu outside the mines armed and equipped likewise. And the arms were so devised that if Lord Montagu was able to issue out of the mines, against the will of the Count d'Eu and by force of arms, the Count d'Eu would be required to give him a diamond worth a hundred shields. And, if the Count so guarded the exit that Lord Montagu was unable to come out, the said Lord Montagu would likewise be required to give him a diamond worth a hundred shields. And so the arms were accomplished: and the Count d'Eu, who was a youth, guarded the exit of the passage so valiantly that Lord Montagu was never able to conquer him. And when it was completed, with a good will he paid him the diamond, which was presented to the Count d'Eu to give to his lady.

Jean Le Fevre, Seigneur de Saint-Remy Chronique Paris 1876

Translation copyright Will McLean 2002

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