Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Social Pyramid: 4. Landless Squire

4. Landless Squire
Landless Squire in Service or Arms Poorer franklins or sergeants of the country. Richest innkeepers and married pardoners or summoners. 2nd rank of farmers of manor or parsonage, wholesalers dealing in stock and other lesser trade, lesser landed merchants or artificers. Clerics with appropriate income, monks and canons from the wealthiest houses.
Income: £10-<£20

Embrouded was he, as it were a meede
Al ful of fresshe floures, whyte and reede.
Syngynge he was, or floytynge, al the day;
He was as fressh as is the month of may.
Short was his gowne, with sleves longe and wyde

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