Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some Resources for the Liechtenauer School

Transcription of Doebringer (1389)

Summary in English of contents

Translation of Liechtenauer's unarmored longsword from Doebringer

Sigmund Ringeck,ca 1440
Partial Translation:

German Transcription:

Two translation/redactions reviewed

Peter von Danzig's Fechtbuch, 1452

Goliath (ca 1500, but very similar to von Danzig's text. Illustrated

The equestrian sections of Von Danzig/Goliath,Lew, Speyer and Ringeck, presented side by side along with images from Goliath.

Durer's Fechtbuch, 1512. Stongly derivative of the Codex Wallerstein, but with better art.

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